Play as Muffin, an independent little girl exploring her world: befriend beetles and salamanders, sneak into a wizard's tower, help a distraught boglin, discover the truth about fairies, face a dragon -- and more!

20,000 words, with three different final quests that depend on your earlier choices -- very replayable. Good for grownups who like ridiculously adorable characters and for young kids who like adventure stories. Super for grownups to play through with their young kids who like adventure stories.

Please note: there are one or two points where the piece of text you get will be longer than the game panel's height. makes devs set a height and width, and I set that to accommodate phones about as well as I could, but it also suppresses scrollbars -- so if you get more text than one screen's worth, it looks like the game just stopped. Pressing your middle mouse button/wheel and scrolling down that way seems to work for everyone; scrolling down with a laptop touchpad works for some people; clicking to select the text and dragging down works for some people. The story's worth the tiny inconvenience, I promise!